hail and wind damage

Most Oklahoma natives know more about supercells, upper levels of rotation and atmospheric pressures than we will ever need to know, but when it comes to assessing the damage left behind by severe storms, we are often clueless about where to begin.  This lack of practical knowledge can jeopardize the integrity of our homes and result in significant costs to us months, years and decades down the line.  At J and L Construction, we understand the unique challenges faced by property-owners in Oklahoma because we have experienced them personally.  We know the type of damage hail and high winds can cause.  We know where to look for evidence and we understand the insurance claim process.  And we want to put this knowledge to work for you.


Unfortunately, many unnecessary insurance claims are made by anxious home owners before they do their homework.  Unnecessary or denied claims will cost you both time and money.  A local roofing professional will be able to assess damages quickly and help you make an informed decision about the need for a claim.  At J and L Construction, we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and that includes assisting with all aspects of the insurance claim process.  We try to be on-site for any inspections done by your insurance company to insure that nothing is missed.  We know that more eyes equal better results and we have the experience, the patience and the skill to provide proven, professional service to our customers.  So the next time you suspect possible storm damage to your home, follow the best plan of action by assessing the situation, gathering evidence and calling us.  We would love to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

When a severe storm does hit your property, you should document as many specifics about the storm as you can.

  1. How long did the storm last?
  2. What were the wind speeds and direction?
  3. How large was the hail?
  4. If you can obtain samples safely, take photographs of individual hailstones against a tape measure or freeze them for later reference.

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